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Terms & Conditions

Pferdeland.ru operates under the laws of Germany.
According to this legislation, there is no need to conclude a contract with each individual customer. To simplify the process in Germany, the so-called"General conditions of work" of the service provider, & nbsp; with which the client agrees when ordering services. In case of disagreement of the client with "working conditions" rendering of services becomes impossible.
Highly recommend to read "working conditions "Pferdeland.EN" (further than "Conditions") before placing the order!


Booking a trip is made directly through the website Pferdeland.ru ahhh! The fact of the order is an expression of the customer's desire to participate in the selected tour, expresses his consent to the data "Terms" and obliges to their implementation. The application is considered to be accepted only after written confirmation by Pferdeland.ru.

The customer can only be an adult. The order and payment for the trip to the children's equestrian camps is made by one of the parents or the legal representative of the child.

In the case of a group order, the customer is responsible for providing the Agency with the necessary data of the group members, for paying for the group order and for transmitting all necessary information and documents to the group members.

Possible payment options: VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.
A prepayment of 25% of the total cost of the booked services is made at the time of booking. The corresponding amount will be charged to the customer's credit card. The remaining 75% will be automatically charged to the customer's credit card 30 days before the start of the services ordered. At the personal request of the customer the remaining amount can be written off before this date.
When ordering less than 30 days before the start of the tour, the full cost of the order is paid immediately.

On the website Pferdeland.ru use the most reliable system of online payments leading experts of Germany, which complies with the security standards of PCI DSS and SSL. Credit card details entered by the customer are not deducted, transferred and are not available to employees Pferdeland.ru.

The price of the trip is valid subject to the set of the required number of participants (if specified in the description) and payment within the specified period. The price for individual trips is negotiated individually. In the event of a sudden increase in prices for third party services included in the program, Pferdeland.ru reserves the right to change the price of the tour.

The user of the website Pferdeland.ru include in the site database. Legal entities and individuals over the age of 18 may register. Registration is required for ordering. This will significantly speed up and simplify the process of application processing and communication Pferdeland.ru with customer and tracking order status by customer.
Pferdeland.ru ensures that the registered user data is stored in the database Pferdeland.ru and are used only for internal marketing purposes of the enterprise. Transfer, sale, etc.of data to third parties is excluded.
Site user Pferdeland.ru you have the opportunity to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter and offers from Pferdeland.ru.
By registering and / or subscribing to the newsletter, the user agrees to the use of their data for the above purposes.

4. Pferdeland.ru UNDERTAKES
To organize and book services according to the tour description.

Provide the customer with a voucher and, if ordered, an insurance policy and a request for an entry tourist visa to be submitted to the German regional Consulate within three days from the date of full payment of the selected services, but not later than one day before the start of the tour.

To carry out the tour program in full and with proper quality, while reserving the right to change the order of its conduct and individual services or replacement with equivalent or higher category in case of unforeseen circumstances.

In the event of force majeure, preventing the program of the trip (traffic jams, strikes, unforeseen defects of vehicles, weather conditions, etc.) Pferdeland.ru is not responsible, but undertakes to do everything in his power in the interests of customers.

Pferdeland.ru reserves the right to refuse to conduct the tour due to unforeseen extraordinary circumstances. In this case, the customer is refunded the amount paid or given the right to order another, equivalent to the amount of the trip.

Provide Pferdeland.ru the personal information of all participants necessary for registration and carrying out the trip and place it in the designated place in the personal account of the customer. 

To pay within the period of the service ordered for all participants. Failure to pay for services within the specified period is a violation of this agreement. In case of non-payment of services within the specified period Pferdeland.ru reserves the right to cancel your reservation. In this case, the cancellation costs will be deducted in accordance with paragraph 9 of this agreement.

Take care of the availability, timely and correct execution of personal documents required for departure from the state of residence and entry into Germany, to be informed about the customs rules and rules of entry passport control. For possible damage caused by violation of these rules by the tourist, Pferdeland.ru no responsibility.

All participants of the tour are obliged to observe the rules of public order. Such violations as disrespect, insults, rough treatment, discrimination against other guests and staff can cause denial of further services and premature termination of the tour.
Failure to comply with the requirements of the coach during training riding and trips can cause failure in the future participation of tourists in the daily training.

In case of violation of the rules specified in paragraph 6 of this agreement Pferdeland.ru has the right to exclude the violator from participation in the further program. In this case, the cost of the tour is not refundable.

Applications for excursions are accepted no later than 7 days before the tour. In the days of excursion trips can skip daily training riding, what Pferdeland.ru can not influence and responsibility does not bear. The tourist undertakes to be in the specified place of departure for the tour at the appointed time. In case of no-show to the place of departure at the specified time, the cost of the tour is not refundable. Tourist's refusal to participate in excursions less than 7 days before departure will not be accepted and the cost will not be refunded. The only exception is the painful health of the tourist (high body temperature, etc.).

Pferdeland.ru not engaged in registration of visas to Germany, but when the travel order along with the booking confirmation and payment can provide intercessory letter for visa to the Consulate of Germany.

Attention! The decision to issue a visa is made by the Embassy on the basis of all personal documents provided by the tourist, for which Pfredeland.ru affect can not and for which responsibility is not!

For the presence of correct and timely processing of passports, visas, travel insurance the client is responsible for themselves.

The tourist has the right to cancel the booked tour at any time.

In case of cancellation of the trip for any reason from the refundable amount deducted cancellation costs:

in case of refusal not later than 30 days prior to arrival -25% of total amount

from 29 to 15 days before the tour - 50% of the total amount,

from 14 to 7 days before the tour - 70% of the total amount,

from the 6th day before the tour-90% of the total amount.

*** Marketing promotions and special offers are subject to the terms and conditions of a particular promotion or special offer.***

To prevent money losses in case of cancellation of the trip is strongly recommended to take out insurance against travel!

Any changes to the order data by the customer are accepted only in writing (e-mail, Fax, mail). Rebooking of the made order for other dates is possible subject to availability and payment of the rebooking fee. New data shall be deemed accepted only after written confirmation by Pferdeland.ru

During the validity of special offers and promotions, the terms of this promotion are valid.

Delay or failure to appear on the tour is not the basis for reimbursement to the tourist of the cost of the ordered service.

In case of any discrepancies during the tour or at the place of residence (e.g. the client is obliged to immediately inform the staff of the camp and Pferdeland.ru and give the opportunity to solve the issue. In case of omission of this item, claims after the end of the tour will not be accepted.

Please send your questions and requests to us in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the trip.

The seat of the court – the city of Rheinberg
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