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Equestrian Training Camp "Muensterland" for Young Ladies of 8 to 18 y.
from 1.046,50 EUR
- one of the best riding schools in Germany, FN 5*
- experienced horses
- dressage, jumping, military
- competiton, tournament, grade test certificate
- languages: German, English, Russian

The camp’s venue is one of the best riding schools in Germany (FN *****). The training programme targets those equestrians who would like to take a test for one of German equestrian medals after course completion.

However, apart from the intensive two-hour daily riding lessons this package holiday offers a diverse entertainment programme with lively activities and enjoyable competitions, amazing countryside, comfortable accommodation right on sports centre grounds, delicious food and a chance to meet new friends.

Equestrian Training Programme
The daily training programme is designed to prepare trainees to German equestrian medals at the end of the course.
The grade test compulsory syllabus includes dressage and show jumping elements as well as some theory knowledge tasks; an optional part of the test is cross-country riding. A fee is charged for taking part in this grade test tournament. If the child/teenager passes the test she is awarded a medal and a standard German Equestrian Sports Federation certificate. Those trainees who will lack confidence or will not be approved for taking part in the medal test will still be able to perform and demonstrate their skills in a simplified test. They will then get motivational medals and a ‘preliminary’ grade.
Trainees will be staying in spacious rooms of a modern brick building on the grounds of a recently built equestrian sports centre. Each room has 6-10 beds, a shower room and a WC.
Full board. There is a buffet help-yourself service at breakfast time, a three-course lunch, a hot drink with some home-made pastry at tea-time, a hot main course for dinner – sometimes barbecue meat cooked outdoors.

Daily Routine
Morning starts at 7:30, breakfast is at 8 - 8.30, then horses are prepared for the riding lessons, morning session is at 8:30 - 12 pm, lunch at 12 - 12:45, horses’ recreation time (trainees are banned from the stable during this period) and leisure time for children at 12:45 - 2:45, tea-time meal at 2:45 - 3 pm, afternoon training and horse grooming at 3 - 6 pm, dinner is at 6 - 6:30 pm, private time at 6:30 - 7:30 (to get in touch with parents among other activities – at other times using mobiles is not advisable), evening entertainment programme at 7:30 - 9 pm (games, contests, walks etc)

Two languages are spoken at the camp: either English or German, which combined with an atmosphere of amiability and hospitality encourages language practice for those children who might benefit from it.
No need to worry if the trainee’s language proficiency is quite low as the sports camp staff have plenty of experience of working with children and teenagers from overseas. To help a trainee with the theory knowledge test an interpreter from the respective language might be arranged.

Entertainment activities
Theses are a variety of games involving horse-riding as well as a range of contests, sports events. All of these activities are optional.

Comfort, safety issues and keeping in touch with parents
Parents are requested to phone their children at 6:30 – 7:30 pm Central European Time as at this time they are not engaged in any activities.
In the guest house and on the camp grounds children can always find a camp employee or a supervisor that will be there for them. This will help trainees feel at ease. A doctor can be quickly summoned at any time, day or night, if needed.

*Medical insurance policy which is valid in Germany is a must*
At any moment during their stay at the camp the child herself, her parents or camp staff can get in touch with the package holiday organisers (us) to solve any problems that may come up.

Camp location
The camp is situated in the vicinity of the town of Münster, in Münsterland district of the federal state Nord Rhein-Westfalen.
Getting there
You will need to book a flight to Düssseldorf International airport (caution: "Weeze" is a different airport!) You can either book the flight yourself or let us book it for you as we arrange your child’s package holiday.
If you book your flight on your own, your are strongly advised to take the recommended arrival-departure times into consideration.
Arrival to Düssseldorf International airport between 10 am and 2 pm local time;
departure from Düssseldorf from 11 to 6 pm local time.

Welcome and seeing-off arrangements
The child will be met and seen of at the airport
Once your child gets off the plane she will have to go through passport control and pick up her luggage. Our employee will be waiting in the arrival hall right at the exit from the customs zone holding a sign PFERDEland.ru. On her way back we will assist the child while checking in and will see her off up to the terminal gate.
If you are concerned that the child might not cope herself, we suggest that you book an additional escorting service. If you do that, an airline company employee will “deliver” the child to our staff. The same will happen on the way back: our employee will escort the child to the plane boarding ramp. If you would like to book the service, please specify that in the “additional requests” field on our holiday booking page.
An extra fee of €50 will be required for the service since it means that our employee will have to spend longer time at the airport.

What is included in the package holiday
Travel document, welcome at the airport and a transfer from the airport to the camp and back, camp programme (see the description above)

Extra expenses
Flight to Düsseldorf
Visa fees and document postage costs if applicable
Individual transfer to the camp ground should your child arrive outside the recommended arrival/departure time periods;
Optionally – additional training time, excursion programme to places outside the camp, grade test fee of up to €220 for participating in the tournament test.
Caution! Every child needs to have a medical insurance policy which is valid in Germany, accident insurance and damage incurrence insurance (civil liability insurance).
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