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Providing the necessary documents for a visa to Germany - our free service for those who purchase a trip through Pferdeland.ru. Therefore, the absence of the need to obtain an invitation does not reduce the cost of the trip.

If one or more participants do not have a Schengen visa valid for the dates of the tour you have booked, please provide the passport details of all those who need a visa to Germany and the method of delivery of the documents at the time of booking. If at the time of ordering you do not have passport data, you can add them later at any time.

You will be provided with a visa application for the German Consulate ("invitation") for the duration of the booked trip, a voucher with the list of services ordered and the coordinates of the place of residence and, if ordered, travel insurance.

Since the Embassy usually requires an invitation in the original, & nbsp; delivery of documents is carried out by mail (without surcharge) or through the courier service (surcharge of 60 euros).

Those who do not need a visa, receive documents from us (voucher and insurance) by e-mail.

Since & nbsp; the invitation must indicate that the trip is fully paid, the documents will be sent within 1-2 working days after the full payment of the tour. It is not possible to issue an invitation on the basis of a partial prepayment.

If you plan to stay in Germany longer than the tour you have booked, and would like to obtain a visa for a longer period, you should provide documents (hotel reservation, invitation, etc.) for the rest of your stay in addition to our invitation to the Embassy. Pferdeland.ru provides an invitation strictly on the dates of the booked tour.

You make an appointment at the Embassy to obtain a visa and collect the rest of the necessary documents on your own.

When making a trip to the equestrian camp for a child over 12 years old, coming unaccompanied, in consent to travel abroad, issued by a notary,   indicates that the parents allow the child & quot;departure... unaccompanied".

For children under 12 years of age, arriving unaccompanied by adults, as a rule requires mandatory registration of services to accompany the airline staff. In this case, the consent to travel as an accompanying person indicates "representative of the airline so-and-so" (from which you have booked tickets to Germany).

Attention! The rules may change, find out the latest information about the rules of submission of documents on the website of the German Embassy.

If you have any questions about the design, you can always contact us.

We also recommend you to read the working Conditions Pferdeland.ru
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